Mockingbird Bookshop, Bath, Maine

Located in Bath, Maine, this classic bookshop has been run by owners Terri & Jeff Schurz since 2014. Mockingbird is what I consider to be the “just right” bookstore size. The owners and staff are friendly, helpful, and respectful.

Mockingbird has a lovely balance of mood lighting, spacious seating options, gifts,
and my favorite bookstore section, “Maine books”.

Mockingbird also offers local events. For example, a very exciting event took place in July 2021:

Writing About Place: Small Town Maine

The event included 2 women writers, Kerry Arsenault who authored Mill Town (non-fiction – Review to come!), about a topic I am quite interested in, having grown up in a mill town myself. Susan Conley also participated in the talk. Susan is a Maine writer and author of Landslide (fiction – review to come! Set in a remote area of coastal Maine). Susan is also the author of 3 other books. Look for my post about this wonderful event. I share words of wisdom from these prolific writers, as well as insight into their thoughts on writing about Maine as a genre.

Mockingbird Bookshop also offers Story Time for kiddos and a book club (please check the website for up-to-date information on regular events). Afternoon tea is a quarterly high tea event celebrating the Seasons of Maine.